Street Drugs

Of course, you know that illicit drugs are not ever part of a healthy lifestyle. But as you try to become pregnant, you have even more reasons not to use street drugs.

For women, marijuana and other illicit drugs have been known to disrupt the menstrual cycle and the ovulation process. Cocaine and crystal meth can cause your blood pressure to rise dramatically and lead to serious medical conditions and malnutrition.

Marijuana is known to decrease fertility in men because it reduces sperm production. It also seems to play a role in decreasing sperm mobility and even reduces the enzymes that allow the sperm to penetrate the egg.

If you or your partner uses illegal drugs, please stop. Share your concerns with your doctor and work together to stop this unsafe practice. If you become pregnant while taking illicit drugs, these substances can permanently harm your baby. Drugs have been linked to mental retardation and birth defects among babies whose mothers used drugs during pregnancy.

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