Thirdparty Reproduction

Third-party reproduction means that you would use sperm, eggs, or embryos donated by a third person to have a baby. It also encompasses surrogacy and adoption, because an outside party is used to conceive or carry the baby. Many emotional and ethical complexities are associated with third-party reproduction. Have a candid discussion with your partner about the types of medical assistance that you are both willing to accept. Your partner may feel differently from you when it comes to sperm donors, egg donors, embryo donors, surrogates, and adoption. Keep in mind that the way you feel now may change as you and your partner move through the assorted fertility treatments. If you do not experience good success with the standard fertility treatments, your earlier objections to third-party reproduction may very well change.

Before reaching a decision, here are some additional thoughts for you to consider:

• How many more disappointments can you endure as you strive to become a parent?

• How important is it that the child is genetically yours?

• Will you want to have an open relationship with the donor or do you prefer that this remain private and anonymous?

• How will you handle this situation as your child gets older?

Only you as potential parents can answer these questions since they really depend on your own values and life experiences.

If you decide to pursue third-party reproduction, it will require a big commitment from you and your partner. You'll both undergo many invasive tests and procedures. You'll both need to go through the difficult task of selecting a donor. Depending on the circumstance, you may be subjected to numerous medications, each with its own potential side effects. You'll also need to seek counsel from a reproductive law attorney. Add to that the substantial financial burden, and it's no wonder that you feel overwhelmed and anxious. On the other hand, you'll soon have a beautiful baby to take home, and your dream of having a family will have come true.

Once you've decided to pursue third-party reproduction, take the time to feel good about your decision. You are going to be a parent! Take a moment to revel in this feeling and enjoy this as a wonderful and positive experience. Continue to share your concerns and your joy with your partner. Family and friends can also help you adapt to your upcoming role as a parent. Many women also find tremendous encouragement in support groups, which provide them the opportunity to interact with other women who are experiencing the same concerns and emotions.

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Guide

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