Which Genetic Disorders Can Be Detected During

PGD can detect many though not all genetic diseases or defects. Following is a partial list of those that can be identified using the PGD technique. If you and your partner are not affected by one of these but instead are carriers, you could still pass the disorder on to your child. Here's a list of genetic disorders that can be detected using PGD:

• Tay-Sachs disease

• Cystic fibrosis

• Thalassemia

• Sickle cell disease

Down syndrome

• Hemophilia

• Duchenne muscular dystrophy

• Marfan syndrome

Spinal muscular atrophy

• Turner's syndrome

• Fragile X syndrome

• Huntington's chorea

Other genetic disorders can also possibly be identified with PGD. Be sure to ask your fertility specialist if you have concerns about a specific disease.

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