Who Might Benefit From Ovarian Tissue And Egg Freezing

All women are born with a limited supply of eggs. These eggs continue to dwindle in supply as we grow older. One recent study indicated that 98 percent of women are fertile through their early 20s. However, by their mid-30s, the percentage of those who are still fertile drops to about 70 percent. This biological clock phenomenon continues to tick until a woman reaches menopause and all of her eggs are depleted. Given that, the preservation of eggs and ovarian tissue by means of freezing can be of great benefit for many women who:

• Have not yet found a partner and want to delay pregnancy until they do

• Prefer to delay pregnancy because of school, career, personal issues, and so on

• Want to preserve their leftover eggs from an IVF cycle for future use

• Are facing the loss of their ovarian function because of approaching menopause, disease, or planned complete hysterectomy

• Have a diagnosis of ovarian cancer

• Are receiving radiation or chemotherapy treatment

Natural Cures For Menopause

Natural Cures For Menopause

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