Size classes in microns

FIGURE 8.13 Comparison of size distributions for Test No 2 at an elapsed time of 106 min.

Even though the development of the model was based on the behavior of specific stormwater detention pond sediment, it has the potential for application for sediment from other freshwater systems as well. For example, the present model was applied to predict the behavior of sediment from the Hay River near the town of Hay River in Northwest Territories in the rotating flume. The details of this study can be found in Krishnappan and Milburn.25 The study showed that the model performed equally well for the Hay River sediment, and yielded a different set of calibration parameters. The model, therefore, can become a useful tool for testing sediments from different environments to gain a better understanding of the flocculation mechanisms and the role of bulk properties of the system that are responsible for the flocculation of sediment in freshwater systems.

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