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Overview of Flocculation Processes in Freshwater Ecosystems 25 Gary G. Leppard and Ian G. Droppo

Intra-Storm and Seasonal Variations in the Effective Particle Size Characteristics and Effective Particle Density of Fluvial Suspended Sediment in the Exe Basin, Devon, United Kingdom 47 John M. Phillips and Desmond E. Walling

The Composite Nature of Suspended and Gravel Stored Fine Sediment in Streams: A Case Study of O'Ne-eil Creek, British Columbia, Canada 71

Ellen L. Petticrew

Effects of Floc Size and Shape in Particle Aggregation 95

Joseph F. Atkinson, Rajat K. Chakraborti, and John E. VanBenschoten

Mapping Biopolymer Distributions in Microbial Communities 121 John R. Lawrence, Adam P. Hitchcock, Gary G. Leppard, and Thomas R. Neu

Contrasting Roles of Natural Organic Matter on Colloidal Stabilization and Flocculation in Freshwaters 143

Kevin J. Wilkinson and Alain Reinhardt

An Example of Modeling Flocculation in a Freshwater

Aquatic System 171

Bommanna G. Krishnappan and Jiri Marsalek

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