FIGURE 17.1 Profiles of (a) standard specific oxygen uptake rates (SOUR), (b) SOUR with 10% feed dilution (SOUR10%), and (c) SOUR with 50% feed dilution (SOUR50%) from the control reactor at 31 °C and the transient reactor under a shift from 31 °C to 45°C. The temperatures in the transient reactor at the moment of sampling are indicated at the top of the figure. Time = 0 corresponds to the time when the temperature was changed in the water bath.

SOUR10% and SOUR50% after the temperature shift were significantly lower compared with the SOUR10% and the SOUR50% from the control reactor and before the shift (Figure 17.1b,c and Figure 17.2b,c). The standard SOURs (without feed dilution) after the shift during the first hours of the reaction phase (Figure 17.2a) were also

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