Archibald and Young (2002)36


Bench-scale SBR treating paper mill wastewater with high organic acid levels Lab-scale activated sludge

Lab-scale activated sludge plug flow reactor

Short-term (5 min) respirometric tests with activated sludge samples

Temperature shifts

Increase from 25°C to 56°C over a 76-day period. Increase from 23°C to 40°C and to 45°C in 1 day

Increase from 25°C to 40°C in 1 day; operation at 40° C for 3 days; decrease from 40°C to 25°C in 1 day

Decrease from 55°C to 20°C within 1 day

Mixed liquor samples (3 ml) adapted to 30° Cto35° C subjected for 5 min at 30°C, 40°C, 45°C, 50°C, and 55° C

Effect on treatment performance

Deterioration in treatment performance

No impact on treatment performance. Increase in metabolic rates

Deterioration in treatment performance

Increased substrate removal capacity up to 50° C Substrate removal capacity eliminated at 55° C

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