a Empirical coefficient b Empirical coefficient

C Volumetric concentration of sediment [Dmensionless]

D Turbulent diffusion coefficient [m2/s]

F Sediment flux [m3/m2s]

g Acceleration due to gravity [m/s2]

i Sediment size class notation j Sediment size class notation

K Collision frequency function

N Number concentration [number/m3]

p Probability [Dimensionless]

R Number of primary particles in a floc [number]

S Number of primary particles in the biggest floc [number]

r Radius of sediment particles [m]

T Temperature [degree Kelvin]

w Settling velocity [m/s]

z Vertical distance axis [m]

aR Collision-agglomeration function of Tambo and Watanabe21

a0 Parameter a0 Collision efficiency parameter e Turbulent energy dissipation rate i Absolute viscosity of the fluid v Kinematic viscosity of the fluid p Density t Shear stress

Subscripts b Pertains to Brownian motion ds Pertains to differential settling ef Pertains to an effective value I Pertains to inertia k Pertains to size class of sediment

0 0

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