Preface v

Contributors ix

1 Principles of Flow Cytometry

Marion G. Macey 1

2 Cell Preparation

DesmondA. McCarthy 17

3 Fluorochromes and Fluorescence

Desmond A. McCarthy 59

4 Quality Control in Flow Cytometry

David Barnett and John T. Reilly 113

5 Experimental Design, Data Analysis, and Fluorescence Quantitation Mark W. Lowdell 133

6 Apoptosis Detection by Flow Cytometry

Paul Allen and Derek Davies 147

7 DNA Analysis by Flow Cytometry

Derek Davies and Paul Allen 165

8 Immunological Studies of Human Cells

Ulrika Johansson 181

9 Calcium: Cytoplasmic, Mitochondrial, Endoplasmic Reticulum, and Flux Measurements Gary Warnes andMarion G . Macey 209

10 Further Functional Studies

Marion G. Macey 219

11 Cell Sorting by Flow Cytometry

Derek Davies 257

Appendix: Useful Internet Sites and Suppliers 277

Index 287

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