Replication Division Phases

Replication-division phases of the mitotic nuclear cycle are related to its G1, S and G2 phases (cf. Chapter 14, Fig. 14.1). Replication and division lead to changes in DNA content expressed in terms of C. For instance, mitotically active nuclei

Table 4.1 Genome size terminology (from Greilhuber et al. 2005).

Genome status



Chromosome number designation x

Covering term for genomic DNA content Genome size n

Genome size

Kinds of genome size

Short terms

Short terms quantified

Monoploid genome size Holoploid genome size

in a haplophasic moss gametophyte cycle between 1C and 2C, in a diplophasic angiosperm root tip between 2C and 4C, and in a triploid endosperm between 3C and 6C.

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