2.1 Preface

2.2 A Brief History of Classical Biochemistry

2.3 Experimental Techniques of Classical Biochemistry

2.3.1 Principles of Chromatography Column Chromatography Other Types of Chromatography

2.3.2 Principles of Spectrophotometry

2.4 A Brief History of Modern Biochemistry - Molecular Biology

2.5 Key Principles of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2.5.1 Basic Cellular Biology

2.5.2 Macromolecules and Basic Cellular Chemistry

2.5.3 Importance of Water, Ionization, and Buffers

2.5.4 Nucleic Acids

2.5.5 Proteins

2.6 Experimental Techniques of Modern Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2.6.1 Detection of Proteins and Nucleic Acids 2.6.1. 1 Principles of Electrophoresis

2.6.2 Southern, Western, and Northern Blotting

2.6.3 Mass Spectrometry

2.6.4 Other Important Molecular Techniques The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Real-Time PCR Microarrays


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