4.1 Introduction

4.2 Significance of SSF

4.3 SSF processes for Food Applications

4.3.1 Historical Developments

4.3.2 New Developments

4.4 SSF processes for Food Enzymes

4.4.1 Amylases

4.4.2 Lipases

4.4.3 Proteases

4.4.4 Pectinases

4.4.5 L-Glutaminase

4.4.6 Inulinase

4.4.7 Tannase

4.4.8 Recovery of Enzymes from Fermented Matter

4.5 SSF processes for Organic Acids

4.6 Production of Amino Acids

4.7 Mushroom Production

4.8 Production of Exopolysaccharides

4.9 Production of Pigments

4.10 Production of Aroma Compounds

4.11 Vitamins

4.12 Mycotoxins References

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