1.1 Introduction

1.2 General Aspects

1.2.1 Applications of Microbiology to Foods

1.2.2 The Nature of Microorganisms

1.3 Fungi

1.3.1 Fungal Cell Walls

1.3.2 Yeasts

1.3.3 Molds

1.4 Microbial Taxonomy

1.4.1 General

1.4.2 Classification of Bacteria

1.4.3 Serotypes

1.4.4 Molecular Taxonomy

1.5 Metabolic Control for Enhanced Metabolite Production

1.6 Mutagenesis for Overproduction of Metabolites

1.7 Selective Cultivation

1.7.1 Selective Enrichment

1.7.2 Use of Incubation Temperature for Selective Isolation

1.7.3 The Use of Mineral Salts Media for the Isolation of Unique Carbon Sources Utilizing Microorganisms

1.7.4 Selective Isolation as a Result of Sequential Biochemical Activity

1.8 Electrostimulation of Metabolite Production

1.9 Aspects of Microbial Evolution References

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