In developing mold cultures for the production of food additives, it is important to keep in mind that all molds are obligate aerobes. The maximum production of primary metabolites (e.g., amino acids) and secondary metabolites (e.g., extraceullular enzymes) invariably occurs with wild-type cultures under the condition of static surface growth. This contrasts with submerged cultivation which invariably involves the use of selected mutants. Molds are classified into four classes. The Phycomycetes do not have complete cross walls in their hyphae and therefore exhibit unidirectional protoplasmic streaming (coenocytic movement) or flow throughout their hyphae. Phycomycetes also possess the unifying characteristic of producing aerially borne asexual fruiting structures known as sporangia, with internal sporangiospores borne on a bulblike structure referred to as the

Vegetarian Food and Cooking

Vegetarian Food and Cooking

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