Section 2 Plant And Animal Food Applications And Functional Foods

Chapter 2.01 Methods in Plant Tissue Culture

Hector G. Nunez-Palenius, Daniel J. Cantliffe, Harry H. Klee, Neftali Ochoa-Alejo, Rafael Ramirez-Malagon, and Eugenio Perez-Molphe

Chapter 2.02 Clonal Screening and Sprout Based Bioprocessing of Phenolic Phytochemicals for Functional Foods Kalidas Shetty, Fergus M. Clydesdale, and Dhiraj A. Vattem

Chapter 2.03 Genomic Basics for Food Improvement

Gabriela Olmedo, Socorro Parra, and Plinio Guzman

Chapter 2.04 Molecular Design of Soybean Proteins for Enhanced Food Quality

Nobuyuki Maruyama, Evelyn Mae Tecson-Mendoza, Yukie Maruyama, Motoyasu Adachi, and Shigeru Utsumi

Chapter 2.05 Genetic Modification of Plant Starches for Food Applications

Jeffrey D. Klucinec and Peter L. Keeling

Chapter 2.06 Bioprocessing of Starch Using Enzyme Technology K. Ravi-Kumar and S. Umesh-Kumar

Chapter 2.07 Genetic Modification of Plant Oils for Food Uses Anthony J. Kinney

Chapter 2.08 Molecular Biotechnology for Nutraceutical Enrichment of Food Crops: The Case of Minerals and Vitamins Octavio Paredes-Lopez and Juan Alberto Osuna-Castro

Chapter 2.09 Potential Health Benefits of Soybean Isoflavonoids and Related Phenolic Antioxidants Patrick P. McCue and Kalidas Shetty

Chapter 2.10 Functional Phytochemicals from Cranberries: Their Mechanism of Action and Strategies to Improve Functionality

Dhiraj A. Vattem and K. Shetty

Chapter 2.11 Rosmarinic Acid Biosynthesis and Mechanism of Action

Kalidas Shetty

Chapter 2.12 Bioprocessing Strategies to Enhance l-DOPA and Phenolic Antioxidants in the Fava Bean (Vicia faba) Kalidas Shetty, Reena Randhir, and Preethi Shetty

Chapter 2.13 Phytochemicals and Breast Cancer Chemoprevention

Sallie Smith-Schneider, Louis A. Roberts, and Kalidas Shetty

Chapter 2.14 Biotechnology in Wine Industry

Moustapha Oke, Gopinadhan Paliyath, and K. Helen Fisher

Chapter 2.15 Biotechnology of Nonnutritive Sweeteners Reena Randhir and Kalidas Shetty

Chapter 2.16 Biotechnological Approaches to Improve Nutritional Quality and Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables Reena Grittle Pinhero and Gopinadhan Paliyath

Chapter 2.17 Genetic Modification of Peanut as a Solution to Peanut Allergy

Hortense Dodo, Koffi Konan, and Olga Viquez

Chapter 2.18 Recombinant Lipoxygenases and Oxylipin Metabolism in Relation to Food Quality Rod Casey and Richard K. Hughes

Chapter 2.19 Genetic Modification of Production Traits in Farm Animals

Vernon G. Pursel

Chapter 2.20 Enzyme Technology for the Dairy Industry

Kieran Kilcawley

Chapter 2.21 Egg Yolk Antibody Farming for Passive Immunotherapy

Jennifer Kovacs-Nolan and Yoshinori Mine

Chapter 2.22 Application of Transgenic Fish Technology in Sea Food Production

Pinwen Peter Chiou, Jenny Khoo, and Thomas T. Chen

Chapter 2.23 The Production, Properties, and Utilization of Fish Protein Hydrolysates Hordur G. Kristinsson

Chapter 2.24 Human Gut Microflora in Health and Disease: Focus on Prebiotics

Tamara Casci, Robert A. Rastall, and Glenn R. Gibson

Chapter 2.25 Immunomodulating Effects of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Hanne Risager Christensen and Hanne Fr0kiwr

Chapter 2.26 Biochemical Markers for Antioxidant Functionality

Dhiraj A. Vattem and K. Shetty

Chapter 2.27 Enzymatic Synthesis of Oligosaccharides: Progress and Recent Trends V. Maitin and R. A. Rastall


Chapter 3.01 Chapter 3.02

Chapter 3.03 Chapter 3.04 Chapter 3.05

Chapter 3.06 Chapter 3.07 Chapter 3.08

Chapter 3.09

Chapter 3.10

Chapter 3.11

Chapter 3.12

Molecular Evolution and Diversity of Food Borne Pathogens

Katy Windham, Kendra Kerr Nightingale, and Martin Wiedmann

Genetics and Physiology of Pathogenicity in Food Borne

Bacterial Pathogens

Michael Gray and Kathryn J. Boor

Biofilm Production by Listeria monocytogenes William K. Shaw, Jr. and Lynne McLandsborough

Application of Microbial Molecular Techniques to Food Systems Robert E. Levin

Control of Food Borne Bacterial Pathogens in Animals and Animal Products through Microbial Antagonism Mindy M. Brashears, Alejandro Amezquita, and Divya Jaroni

Bacteriocins: Antimicrobial Activity and Applications A. Satyanarayan Naidu, Ragip Unal, and Joseph Tulpinski

Genetic Characterization of Antimicrobial Peptides Haijing Hu, Matthew M. Moake, and Randy W. Worobo

Phenolic Antimicrobials from Plants for Control of Bacterial Pathogens

Kalidas Shetty and Yuan-Tong Lin

Genetic Mechanisms Involved in Regulation of Mycotoxin Biosynthesis Michael J. Miller and John E. Linz

Application of ELISA Assays for Detection and Quantitation of Toxins in Foods Robert E. Levin

Biosensors for Food Quality Assessment

Michele Del Carlo, Mihaela Nistor, Dario Compagnone,

Bo Mattiasson, and Elisabeth Csöregi

Enzymatic Bioprocessing of Tropical Seafood Wastes

Rupsankar Chakrabarti

Chapter 3.13 Cold Active Enzymes in Food Processing

Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Hakon Orn Birgisson, and Bo Mattiasson

Chapter 3.14 Biotransformations as Applicable to Food Industries

B. Suresh, T. Ritu and G. A. Ravishankar

Chapter 3.15 Solid-State Bioprocessing for Functional Food Ingredients and Food Waste Remediation

Kalidas Shetty

Chapter 3.16 Fermentation Biotechnology of Traditional Foods of Africa N. A. Olasupo

Chapter 3.17 Fermentation Biotechnology of Traditional Foods of China Zuoxing Zheng, Changlu Wang, and Yang Zheng

Chapter 3.18 Fermentation Biotechnology of Traditional Foods of the Indian Subcontinent

E. Rati Rao, S.V.N. Vijayendra, and M.C. Varadaraj

Chapter 3.19 Fermentation Biotechnology of Plant Based Traditional Foods of the Middle East and Mediterranean Region Parthena Kotzekidou and Effie Tsakalidou

Chapter 3.20 Fermentation Biotechnology of Animal Based Traditional Foods of the Middle East and Mediterranean Region Effie Tsakalidou and Parthena Kotzekidou

Chapter 3.21 Anaerobic Processes for the Treatment of Food Processing Wastes Roger A. Korus

Chapter 3.22 International Aspects of the Quality and Safety

Assessment of Foods Derived by Modern Biotechnology John R. Lupien

Chapter 3.23 Patenting Inventions in Food Biotechnology R. Stephen Crespi

Section 1

Food Microbiology

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