Solid State Fermentation

Solid-state fermentation (SSF) is used for the production of bioproducts from microorganisms under conditions of low moisture content for growth. The medium used for SSF is usually a solid substrate (e.g., rice bran, wheat bran, or grain), which requires no processing. In order to optimize water activity requirements, which are of major importance for growth, it is necessary to take into account the water sorption properties of the solid substrate during the fermentation (6). In view of the low water content, fewer problems due to contamination are observed. The power requirements are lower than submerged fermentation. Inadequate mixing, limitations of nutrient diffusion, metabolic heat accumulation, and ineffective process control renders SSF generally applicable for low value products with less monitoring and control. There exists a potential for conducting SSF on inert substrate supports impregnated with defined media for the production of high value products (7).

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