Concluding Remarks

Aseptic processing and packaging is one of the most dynamic areas of food processing. Even before this chapter goes to print, there assuredly will be many more innovations to report as research around the world in aseptic processing will be rewarded with positive results.

There are many reasons for the interest in aseptic processing. Some of the more important include energy savings, enhanced nutritional and organoleptic properties of the food products, the lack of need for preservatives and reduced packaging costs. The microwaveability of most aseptic containers will also contribute to the growth of aseptic packaging.

The number of aseptic systems being installed every year continues to increase. It is very possible that those food processors choosing not to apply aseptic processing techniques to their product whenever they can will be competing with those that do use this method of processing. Most likely, these processors will be competing at a disadvantage.

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