Concluding Remarks

High pressure is useful for the purpose of cooking, processing, sterilizing, and preserving food, as is the high temperature. The advantage of the high pressure lies in the fact that it avoids the destruction of the covalent bonds and retains natural flavor, tastes, color, and nutrients. Thus, the high pressure technology is of great interest to the food industry.

A newest food magazine distributed in Japan (Shokuhin to Kaihatsu, December 1994 issue) reported that at least seven food companies now sell high pressure-processed foods. Ice-nucleation bacteria sterilized by high pressure treatment and traditional rice pastes including plant leaf or special bean (Yomogimochi) have been added to the list. Basic research on further understanding of the effects of high pressure on biological systems is indispensable for further development of high pressure foods. As more and more high pressure foods with superior quality are brought into the market, a new and growing consumer demand will be created.

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