Menge et al (1983)

Figure 6. Scheme for enzyme purification by liquid-liquid extraction

Enzyme/protein mass transfer coefficients in polymer/salt systems in spray columns have been studied by Pawar et al (1993). The spray columns were modified to have larger cross sectional area of the coalescing zone. This resulted in a higher dispersed phase (PEG-rich) throughput (7 fold). Correlations for enzyme/protein hold-up and mass transfer coefficients have been presented. Hydrodynamics and mass transfer for enzyme extraction in polymer/salt systems have also been reported by Bhavsar et al (1994). The extractor used was a sieve plate column. Use of hydrodynamic cavitations for large scale microbial cell disruption has been studied by Save et al (1994). It was found that the cavitation does not have adverse effect on enzymes such as invertase and glucosidase. Also, the hydrodynamic cavitation was simpler and more energy-efficient as compared to the conventional mixer system. All the above studies help in the equipment design for continuous processing of enzyme/protein systems.

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