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Tube; 10 mm <f>, 120 mm length U.S.S 40-50 (for an order of more than 2) Sheet; square 50x50 mm, 0.5 mm thickness U.S.$ 50 circle 47 mm<i>, 0.5 mm thickness U.S.$ 70 Powder; 80-120 mesh U.S.$ 2/g (for an order of more than 1kg)

The prices are valid only in Japan (January. 7 994)

(Courtesy of Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan)

3. SPG MEMBRANE EMULSIFICATION TECHNIQUE 3.1. Principle of Membrane Emulsification

Figure 3 depicts principle of this technique. Two immiscible phases were separated by the membrane and pressure was applied across the membrane to obtain drops of the dispersed phase into the dispersion medium (continuous phase). The microporous membrane applied for the membrane emulsification must provide uniform pore size distribution as well as tolerable mechanical strength. SPG membrane suites such requirement, because this membrane possesses uniform cylindrical interconnected micropores which are not present in other currently well-known microporous membranes. In addition, because it permits the change of the micropore size from the submicron to micron range (Table 3), this membrane allows one to obtain a monodispersed emulsion of desirable dropsize.


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