Juice Concentrate

Figure 3. A schematic diagram of "FreshNote" juice concentration process [27].

The clarified permeate is concentrated in a series of reverse osmosis, hollow fibre modules at pressures between 10 and 14 MPa. By using membranes with different degrees of sugar retention and returning any permeate with a non-zero sugar retention to the stage where the sugar retention is the highest, it is possible to achieve very high levels of sugar concentration. 55 °Brix has been demonstrated commercially and concentrations as high as 70 °Brix have been demonstrated on pilot-plant scale. The permeate from the first stage can be treated in a second reverse osmosis stage to further remove traces of sugar and aromas. The concentrated clarified juice stream is recombined with the pasteurized UF retentate. A generic process schematic is shown in Figure 3.

An integrated process scheme for the wine and juice industry has been suggested by Drioli [28] as shown in Figure 4.

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