Perfusion Particle

up to 3200 ml. Saxena & Dunn (1989) described a design of radial flow column which could be packed with conventional chromatography materials. They operated a 60 1 production scale column at a flow rate of 200 1/h and estimated that a 160 1 axial flow column would be required to match this throughput. In a comparative study of the separation of egg proteins by 100 ml axial and radial flow ion-exchange columns, Lane et al (1990) demonstrated that the radial flow system was capable of operating 6-times faster. However, the axial flow column provided superior resolution, possibly because it had a larger effective bed depth. If the radius of a radial flow column is equal to the length of an axial flow column of the same volume, then the sample application area is twice as great under radial flow.

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