* Monodispersity ratio, U=Di/D2, where Di and D2 are weight-, and number-mean diameter of water droplets, respectively.

batch method without the SPG membrane, indicating that the pores of SPG membrane make the size of water droplets uniform. The Dw values for the Membrane 1 system are smaller than those for the Membrane 2 system as expected. However, the Dw values for both methods are smaller than the Dp values of the SPG Membrane used.

This result is opposite to that obtained for the O/W emulsion in which the size of the oil droplets was larger than that of the pore diameter as designated by Eqn. (3). This fact may be interpreted by the difference in the interfacial tension in these two cases. As we shall see in a next section, the interfacial tension for the W/O emulsion system produced by PE-64 was less than 0.1 dyne/cm, which is much less than O/W emulsion system produced by Tween 20 (Figure 6). The effect of interfacial tension will be described in the next section. Furthermore, it can be seen in Table 6 that the Pc values of batch method using Membranes 1 and 2 are

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