Future trends

The trend to substitute synthetic antioxidants with natural antioxidants will continue in future in spite of its irrationality, as it is based on consumers' emotions. There will persist objections against antioxidants generally so that even the addition of natural antioxidants would be avoided. Essentially, they are slightly more dangerous for health than synthetic antioxidants so that such a trend (to avoid antioxidants) is correct. Natural antioxidants from foods consumed for thousands of years are considered as less dangerous than antioxidants from different herbs used only in medicine, especially herbs from the Far East, where the health risks are checked inadequately.

Food components with high antioxidant content, such as herbs and spices, will be preferred to extracts and pure natural antioxidants as the latter are served in higher concentrations than the body is familiar with. Food additives rich in natural antioxidants will be available on the market, obtained by conventional breeding or by genetic manipulations. The necessity to add natural antioxidants to foods will be eliminated, at least partially, by the use of recipes applying more oxidation-stable components, requiring no addition of antioxidants. For those cases when antioxidants would remain necessary, the requirements would be optimized, and their total content in foods minimized by their use in mixtures with synergists. Suitable packaging could prevent the diffusion of oxygen, and thus to save further addition of antioxidants.

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