There are three groups of people who make possible the completion of a work of this size: the Editorial Board, the contributors, and the production personnel. The members of the Editorial Board were chosen for their understanding of particular areas of food science and technology that I thought should be given more consideration in the Second Edition. I believed that the First Edition had an excellent set of papers, primarily in technology, and I wanted to build on that base. All of the editors enjoy a superb reputation in their respective fields and I am grateful to them for their willingness to share opinions and expertise. The contributors supplied the real foundation for the encyclopedia and I am most grateful for their willingness to contribute their time and energy to write the papers. This expression of professionalism is reassuring for the future of the discipline. Finally, I would like to thank the group of professionals at Wiley for their administrative support in what otherwise would be an overwhelming assignment.

Frederick J. Francis Amherst, Massachusetts

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