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A compact disk (POLTOX) has been produced in association with Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) and the U.S. National Library of Medicine. POLTOX contains relevant abstracts taken from FSTA relating to food safety. A second compact disk (Human Nutrition on CD-ROM) has also been produced in association with CSA and the U.S. National Library of Medicine; this disk gives one source access to 14 international databases including FSTA. The disk gives comprehensive coverage of research on human nutrition and its direct impact on human health.

An additional service to FSTA users is provided by food science profiles (FSP); these consist of sets of records specially selected from FSTA's current input and cover any food-related subject from aseptic packaging to viscosity. FSPs give monthly updates in print or electronic format; 30 standard titles covering "hot topics" are routinely produced, but personalized searches are available on request. Current awareness services and retrospective database searches are also available to complement the FSP service.

In June 1998 a new service, the Food and Nutrition Internet Index (FNII), was launched by IFIS. FNII is a fully searchable Web site describing and indexing food and nutrition resources available on the Internet. The main focus is on food science, food technology, and human nutrition, although there is also coverage of food business and company information.

The 2000 edition of the FSTA companion thesaurus will soon be available; it is an invaluable user aid and is available in conjunction with the CD-ROM, with fsa, and from some on-line hosts. It is also available separately as a product in its own right in both print and electronic formats.

S. Hill

International Food Information Service

Reading, United Kingdom

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