Advantages And Disadvantages Of

The main benefits associated with MAP of food products are better quality retention, extended product shelf life and associated increase in market area, improved product presentation and consumer appeal, and a reduction in energy costs associated with freezing and freezer storage costs (Table 8).

Some of the disadvantages of the technique (Table 9) include:

• The initial higher cost of packaging equipment

• Higher cost of package materials

• Secondary fermentation problems caused by C02-resistant microorganisms

• Production of acidic-type odors due to dissolution of C02, in certain products such as fish

• A reduction in water binding capacity and an increase in drip loss of muscle foods due to change in product pH

• Slight discoloration problems in muscle foods such as meat

• Package collapse in products using a high C02 concentration (100%)

• The potential for generating conditions favorable for anaerobic pathogenic microbiological growth

Table 8. Advantages of MAP of Food

Incrased shelf life Superior quality retention Incrased market area

Reduction in production and distribution costs

Improved presentation

Fresh appearance

Clear view of product when desired

Table 9. Disadvantages of Gas Packaging of Food

Initial high cost of packaging equipment, films, etc.

Discoloration of meat pigments


Fermentation and swelling

Potential growth of anaerobic microorganisms of significance to public health

The high C02 problems can be inhibited by reducing the proportion of C02 in the gas mixture and replacing it with a filler gas (N2).

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