Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages of freeze drying include (1) low thermal damage; (2) good retention of volatile flavors (2); (3) good vitamin retention with minor exceptions (eg, loss of pantothenic acid in pork) (3); (4) rapid product rehydration (sometimes this requires slow freezing before drying); (5) low product shrinkage; (6) long product storage life if products are suitably packed; and (7) retention of biological activity (particularly if cryoprotectants are used during freezing). Disadvantages of freeze drying include (1) freeze drying costs much more than conventional drying (4);

(2) certain products are damaged by freezing before drying;

(3) freeze-dried products rapidly pick up moisture unless packed and maintained at low humidity; (4) freeze-dried products are very friable; and (5) some freeze-dried products (eg, carrots) bleach when stored (this can be prevented by suitable pretreatment).

Berry Boosters

Berry Boosters

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