Aerobic Plate Count

The HGMF aerobic plate count procedure has been an official method of the AOAC since 1985 (41) and is also a standard method of the American Public Health Association (42). The method consists of filtering a portion of sample homogenate through the HGMF and incubating on Tryptone Soy Agar supplemented with fast green dye at 35 to 37°C for 48 h. The method was subjected to extensive in-house validation (43), followed by an interlaboratory collaborative study (41). Results obtained by the HGMF method were at least statistically equivalent to the conventional pour plate method counts in both the in-house and collaborative validation studies while the colony-

retaining properties of the hydrophobic grid allow the analyst to forgo duplicate plating and testing several serial dilutions without sacrificing accuracy or reproducibility.

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Sleeping Sanctuary

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