Africanized Honey Bees

An especially defensive, man-made, hybrid race of honey bees reached southern Texas in 1990. The result of intentional crossing of European and African stocks of honey bees in Brazil, the Africanized honey bees (AHBs) expanded their population and the territory in which they live at a phenomenal rate. The leading edge of the population expansion progressed about 250 to 300 miles per year as the bees moved from Brazil to Mexico. Fortunately they slowed down considerably as they entered more temperate climates. Population expansion to the east seems to have stopped west of Houston, Texas, but is continuing to the west in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. Various opinions exist, but it appears that AHBs may not move, on their own, too much further north than their current locations (13).

Away from their hives, AHBs forage similarly to European honey bees (EHBs), can be used for pollinating crops, and produce good honey yields if managed carefully. However, their propensity to defend their nests extremely quickly, with very large number of stinging bees, makes them inappropriate for the type of beekeeping that is practiced in the United States. Fortunately, there is a segment of the commercial beekeeping industry that produces new queens, mated outside of areas "colonized" by AHBs. These new queens may be substituted for old queens or for queens of unsuitable stocks, but only after the old queen has been found and removed from the colony. The worker bee population will be converted fully to offspring of the new queen in about six weeks.

How To Become A Bee Keeping Pro

How To Become A Bee Keeping Pro

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