Applications For

There are eight general categories for MVS applications

1. Machine monitoring

2. Material handling

3. Process control

4. Quality control/assurance and inspection

5. Robot guidance

6. Safety

7. Sorting and grading

8. Test and calibration

Quality control/assurance and inspection has the function of removing defective products from the manufacturing process. This can be coupled with statistical process control (SPC) to increase information and efficiency. It is the single largest application because it requires repetitive tasks and constant attention. It may also be an important tool in the monitoring of critical control points (CCP) in hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) systems. One such application is the detection of metal particles. Bottling lines, poultry and fish processing lines, and confectionery lines are candidates for this system (Fig. 4).

Sorting or grading is a process whereby objects can be classified by size, dimension, color, or other physical attributes. Roasted nuts could be classified according to degree of browning and size for specific applications. Fresh shrimp are graded by size (count) to be able to be processed correctly and into the right category.

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