The homogenizer is used in the processing of many food and dairy products. Figure 5 illustrates how homogenization of milk reduces the droplet size of fat globules. The particle size distribution was measured with an AccuSizer 770 (Particle Sizing Systems, Santa Barbara, California) on samples of unhomogenized and homogenized milk (equivalent to a Micro-GapĀ® valve at 12 MPa) demonstrating the change in mean diameter and size distribution achieved by homogenization. The reduction in size distribution produces an increase in total surface area for the emulsion illustrating the importance of surface stabilization for fine emulsions. For example, from the size distribution curves the unhomogenized sample has a calculated surface area of 1.73 m2 per gram of fat and the homogenized sample has a surface area of 7.30 m2 per gram of fat. Therefore, the surface area has increased by a factor of

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