Baked Cereals

Baked cereals are the nugget type or rotary mold type. They are normally made in a typical bakery process. The nugget type involves blending grain flours, yeast, salt, and water together in a dough mixer, allowing the dough to proof, forming the dough into loaves or sheets, baking in an oven, then breaking the baked grain material into chunks, and drying to a final moisture of approximately 2%. The chunks are ground into finished food size (8). The rotary mold type utilizes a cookie baking line where the ingredients—grain, water, sugar, and shortening—are made into a dough. Pieces are formed by a cookie mold with a shape and size appropriate for RTE cereal. These are baked and dried in a typical baking oven.

Living Gluten Free

Living Gluten Free

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