Batch Dryers

It will be apparent that batch operated equipment usually is related to small production runs or to operations requir-

Dry buttermilk is the product resulting from the removal of water from liquid buttermilk derived from the manufacture of butter. It contains not less than 4.5% milk-fat and not more than 5% moisture.

All of these products may be processed in such a way that their dispersing and reliquefaction properties are substantially improved. When this is accomplished, the products are called instantized. "Single-pass" and "agglomerating" processes are used to make instant dry milk products, with the primarily method being the latter.

Table 1 reflects the annual domestic production of nonfat dry milk, dry whole milk, and dry buttermilk during the period 1960 to 1998. Standards for dry milk products initially were developed by the dairy industry in 1929. Since that time, additional product standards have been developed—and revised—both by industry and government agencies. These standards are based on various general and specific product characteristics, which serve as a basis for determining overall quality of the dry milk products. Table 2 shows the approximate composition and food value of the three most commonly manufactured dry milk products.

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