Batch Process Manufacture Premix

With the exception of flavors and acid, most of the ingredients mentioned in the above formulas are mixed in a slurry premixer. The practice of preparing a thick paste of flour with a little water in the cooker and then converting the paste into a creamlike slurry by gradually adding more water is not very satisfactory. It is slow, and small lumps of dry or damp flour often remain in the slurry. These not only spoil the finished paste, but also provide a lot of trouble in the extrusion process by blocking nozzles. An emul-sifier or slurry mixer will prevent these shortcomings and produce a smooth, homogenous slurry. The correct quantity of water in relationship to flour and sugars is of paramount importance and is often neglected. Short textured licorice requires less water (30-32%) than long texture, which can go as high as 47%.

Sugars inhibit the swelling of starch in a water system and thus retard the gelatinization of starch. This factor can be used to advantage by adding all or part of the sugars at the premix stage and by adding the balance at some later stage of the cooking process.

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