Bernard L Oser Food Ingredient Safety Award

Award. $3,000 honorarium and plaque from the Bernard L. Oser Endowment Fund.

Purpose. To honor an IFT member for his or her contribution to the scientific knowledge of food ingredient safety or for leadership in establishing principles for food ingredient safety evaluation or regulation. Eligibility. The nominee must have been a professional in the area of food additive or GRAS ingredient safety in an academic, industrial, and/or government setting for at least 10 years. The area of professional involvement for this award can include toxicological research, analytical research, safety /regulatory involvement, and associated scientific work in support of food additive and GRAS ingredient safety evaluation and policy development. Publications and examples of leadership qualities in the area of safety evaluation will be the criteria for final selection.

Special Instructions. Must not be more than four typed pages. Attach a numbered list of nominee's publications, and, to save space, refer to them in the nomination statement using these numbers.

Patti Pagliuco

Institute of Food Technologists Chicago, Illinois


The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is one of the premier societies for food science and technology in the world.

Indeed it may be the premier society. Founded in 1939, IFT

has grown to a membership of approximately 29,000 (1).

It has 56 regional sections, some of which have subsections in adjoining geographical areas where a number of IFT members live but distance is too great for them to attend regularly meetings of the regional section. There are 24 discipline or commodity divisions such as Carbohydrate, Food Chemistry, Food Engineering, Fruit and Vegetable Products, and Sensory and a very strong student association. The latter has recently petitioned to be designated as a division. That change would be more a matter of title than of increased stature, for there are already provisions for a student to be a voting member of the IFT's Executive Committee, its Finance Subcommittee, and several other committees.

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