Beyond Broaching An Idea

In January 1939 representatives of the two groups met in New York City to discuss the details of such an organization. Lawrence V. Burton, then the editor of Food Industries, came prepared with a proposed draft for such an organization, suggested a definition of food technology, and proposed that the organization be called the Society of Food Engineers. The group selected instead the name Institute of Food Technologists, because several individuals realized that the organization should not restrict itself to engineers.

The purpose of the organization was specified as follows:

To facilitate interchange of ideas among its members To stimulate scientific investigations into technical problems dealing with the manufacture and distribution of foods

To promulgate the results of research in food technology To offer a medium for the discussion of those results To plan, organize, and administer such projects for the advancement and application of science insofar as it is fundamental to wider knowledge of foods

The Second Food Technology Conference was held at MIT, June 29 to July 1, 1939, under the direction of Dr. Proctor. At that meeting it was formally decided to establish the IFT. Prescott was elected president, Roy C. Newton of Swift & Co. vice president, and Hucker, secretary-treasurer. (Eventually, Burton, Hucker, and

Proctor all were elected presidents of the IFT.) The first team of officials is the only one that served for a second year. (However, today the president does serve one year as president-elect and one year as immediate past president, having several official duties as president-elect and some as immediate past president.) There were 600 + scientists and engineers in attendance at the meeting in 1939.

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