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The island of Ireland lies west of Britain off the northwest coast of Europe. It is compact, measuring about 220 km east to west, 480 km north to south. It lies in the north temperate zone but is warmed by the Gulf Stream. Mean 24-h temperature is 8 to 11°C, and rainfall is about 1080 mm/year.

Low (ca 1000-m maximum) mountain ranges lie behind the coastal plains, except on the central east coast where rivers draining the central limestone plain enter the Irish Sea. The Shannon River (384 km) drains the western region into the Atlantic. The climax vegetation is deciduous woodland, which covered about 12% of the land in a.d. 1600. Now about 8% is in forestry. Deep peat bogs have developed under the wet climate in some areas. Grass grows well everywhere, and the long grazing season, together with grass conservation for winter feed, is the foundation for agriculture.

The Republic of Ireland, with 3.6 million people, comprises 70,000 km2 and achieved political independence in 1921. Northern Ireland, in the northeast of the country and part of the UK (qv), with 1.5 million people, comprises 14,000 km2. Most of this article will deal with the Republic.

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