Biology Of Honey Bees

All members of the genus Apis are eusocial, which means truly social. To entomologists this term indicates that there is cooperative care of the young by individuals of the same species, an overlap in generations, and production of a sterile or nonreproducing worker caste. This type of social development is uncommon considering that there are over 1 million named insect species. Living as a colony, eusocial species like honey bees provide more food and protection for themselves and their young than can any solitary individual. It is because honey bees store food for future needs that humans have been able to exploit them.

Scientists subdivide the wide-ranging species A. mellifera and A. cerana into a number of races (4). These races differ in behavioral and physical characteristics that are the result of adaptations of the species over time, following isolation in geographical regions. In fact, such races are sometimes called geographic races. In A. mellifera some races can be physically distinguished only through the use of computer-assisted morphometric (body measurement) analysis, lb describe honey bee races, specialists use a trinomial system of nomenclature as opposed to the traditional binomial. For example, the Italian honey bee race's

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Ming-Sai Liu

Food Industry Research and Development Institute

Hsinchu, Taiwan

BANANAS. See Fruits, tropical.

BARLEY. See Cereals science and technology.

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