Intoxications are caused by a variety of biotoxins or families of biotoxins. Those common toxins that are chemically characterized are often grouped according to their chemical solubility. Brevetoxins (neurotoxic shellfish poisoning), okadaic acids (diarrhetic shellfish poisoning), and cigua-toxin (ciguatera) are lipid soluble, whereas, saxitoxins (paralytic shellfish poisoning), domoic acid (amnesic shellfish poisoning), maitotoxin (ciguatera), scombrotoxin (scombroid poisoning), and tetrodotoxin (pufferfish poisoning) are water soluble. All are low molecular weight (1113425 D) containing no known sulfur or phosphorus groups. All but scombrotoxin and tetrodotoxin are produced by marine algae. Both scombrotoxin and tetrodotoxin are pro-

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