Blackberries, of the family Rosaceae, belong to the genus Rubus, which, particularly its subgenus Eubatis, is highly genetically heterogeneous. A series of species and subspecies makes it difficult to identify the heritage of many of the current cultivars. The cultivated blackberries of North America are divided into five groups: (J) the erect or nearly erect types of the eastern United States, (2) the eastern trailing types, (3) the southeastern trailing types found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, (4) the trailing types of the Pacific Coast, and (5) the semitrailing types of the Pacific Coast. Trailing blackberries are also called dewberries, running blackberries, or ground blackberries. A number of thornless blackberry cultivars have been introduced and are sometimes called boysenberries, loganberries, or youngberries. All blackberries consist of a collection of drupelets that are partly fleshy and partly hard (the seed). Blackberries can be distinguished from raspberries because when a raspberry is picked the core stays on the bush. When a blackberry is picked, the core remains with the berry and becomes part of the edible fruit. A tayberry is a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry

Approximately 90% of the blackberry crop is processed, perhaps because the fresh fruit has a storage life of only 4 to 5 days. In earlier years, blackberries were more popular as fresh fruit rather than being processed because of the difficulty in handpicking canes with abundant thorns. The introduction of mechanical picking machines changed the economics of harvesting, and blackberry products became much more popular. Canning and freezing are the main methods of preservation. Juice production is increasing along with the national increase in consumption of fruit juices.

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