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There are several ways of making cultured butter from sweet cream. Pasilac-Danish Turnkey Dairies, Ltd. devel oped the IBC method (45). The main principles of the IBC method are as follows. After sweet cream churning and buttermilk drainage, a starter culture mixture is worked into the butter, which produces both the required lowering of butter pH and, because of the diacetyl content of the starter culture mixture, the required aroma. The starter mixture consists of two types of starter culture. (1) Lacto-coccus lactis and (2) L. cremoris and L. lactis ssp. diacety-lactis. With respect to production costs, the experience with this method shows that for the manufacture of mildly cultured butter, the direct costs are only about one-third of the costs of other methods (45).

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  • B.K. Mortensen
    The IBC methode was not developed by Pasilac-Danish Turnkey Dairies but by the Danish Government Research Institute for Dairy Industry, Hillerød, Denmark. Published in report no. 244 and 261.
    8 years ago

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