ByProducts from Milk

Milk is a source for numerous by-products resulting from separation or alteration of the components. These components may be used in other nondairy manufactured foods, dietary foods, pharmaceuticals, animal feeds, and industrial products.

Lactose. Lactose or milk sugar makes up about 5% of cow's milk. Compared to sucrose, lactose has about one-sixth the sweetening strength. Because of its low solubility, lactose is limited in its application. However, it is soluble in milk serums and can be removed from the whey. Lactose is used in processed foods and pharmaceutical products.

Casein. Casein is the principal protein of milk, accounting for 2.5 to 4% of the weight. It possesses unique functional properties that enable its use as an ingredient in many food products. It can be separated from milk by acidification and removing the whey that is formed. The precipitate left behind, casein, is dried into a powder.

Casein is used to fortify flour, bread, and cereals. Casein also is used for glues and microbiological media. Calcium caseinate is made from pressed casein by rinsing, treating with calcium hydroxide, heating, and mixing followed by spray drying. A product of 2.5 to 3% moisture is obtained. Casein hydrolyzates are produced from dried casein. With appropriate heat treatment and addition of alkalies and enzymes, digestion proceeds. Following pasteurization, evaporation, and spray drying a dried product of 2 to 4% moisture is obtained.

Many nondairy products such as coffee creamers, toppings, and icings utilize caseinates. In addition to fulfilling a nutritional role, the caseinates impart creaminess, firmness, smoothness, and consistency to products. Imitation meats, soups, and the like use caseinates as an extender and to improve moistness and smoothness.

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