Cacao, Theobroma cacao, has been suggested as a potential source of brown colorants. The cocao, pods, beans, shells, cotyledons, husks, and stems all contain a complex mixture of polyphenols such as cyanidin glycosides, leu-coanthocyanins, (-)-epicatechins, quercitin glycosides, and the acyl acids p-coumaric and gentisic. Colorants prepared from cacao are likely to contain a complex mixture of leu-coanthocyanins, flavonoid polymers, and catechin-type polymers.

The suggested extraction methods involve hot acid or alkaline water or ethanol followed by filtration and concentration. A more reddish extract can be obtained by prior roasting of the beans followed by extraction with hot aqueous alkaline solutions. The colorant is suitable for most foods where a brown color is desired. Cacao products are permitted as food ingredients in the United States but not as a source of colorants.

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