Campylobacter spp

The incidence of Campylobacter on raw poultry is exceptionally high, greater than 80% (8,22,23). In the last 10 years the reported incidence of Campylobacter on poultry products has increased. In reality, the methodology for recovery of this organism has greatly improved, thus increasing the chance of recovery. In the few studies where this organism has been enumerated, data suggest that levels are very high in comparison to levels of other common poultry-associated pathogens (20). And even though the or ganism is unlikely to grow on raw poultry due to its fastidious nature, initial levels (>500/mL) are in the range to cause human illness. Most cases of campylobacteriosis are sporadic, and contributing factors typically include cross-contamination and lack of proper handwashing. There is particular concern with campylobacteriosis because of increasing antibiotic resistance and the organisms' connection with Guillain-Barre syndrome.

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