Cashew Apple

The cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale, of the family Anacardiaceae) is native to tropical America, but today it is grown chiefly in India, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The tree produces three products of commercial interest. The cashew apple is a pear-shaped fruit about 4 in. long with a very acidic taste. The fruit is eaten raw in the local markets or made into fresh and fermented juices. A protuberance on the end of the apple contains the cashew nut, which is highly prized on the worldwide market. The outer coating of the cashew nut, which is removed before shipping, contains a very corrosive, black oil that is recovered and sold on the industrial market. Cashew nuts can be pressed to produce cashew nut oil, which is a prized fla-vorant and should not be confused with the oil from the seed coat.

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