Centrifugal Extrusion

The Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) is responsible for developing several generations of a unique encapsulating concept extending back into the 1960s. Two tubes are arranged concentrically to receive a flow of core material through the center tube and coating material through the outer orifice (the liquids are pumpled). The tubes converge in a common orifice (nozzle) through which is extruded a liquid column within a liquid column. The SWRI equipment actually includes multiple nozzles mounted on a rotating shaft so that they spin around a verticle axis of the shaft. Centrifugal force acts to break off the liquid shaft into small particles as they emerge from the nozzles. The process relies on surface tension to form the spherical core and for the outer liquid to form a continuous coating around the core.

Particles are collected in either solids (starches) or liquid solvents, which tend to cushion the impact and protect the particles and may also perform additional functions. Starches absorb excess moisture and coatings. Gelatin coatings may be hardened or solubility reduced through emersion in solvents containing suitable cross-linking agents (2,14).

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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