Clarification and Purification

Crude palm oil extracted from the digested fruits by pressing contains varying amounts of water, solids, and dissolved impurities that must be removed. Fiber particles from the pressed crude oil are first removed by passing the oil over a vibrating screen, and sand and dirt are allowed to settle. Water is removed by settling or centrifuging and finally by vacuum drying. However the clarified crude oil still contains 0.1-0.25% of moisture, which helps to maintain oxidative stability and prevent the deposition of small amounts of soluble solids known as gums. The final oil is pumped to storage tanks pending despatch to the refinery.

The mill fibers (fibers from mesocarp after oil extraction) are partly burned to generate energy for mill-processing. The nuts are dried and cracked to obtain the kernels that can be further processed to yield palm kernel oil; the resultant cake left after oil extraction is used as animal feed.

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