Unfortunately no single cleaning agent is able to perform all the functions necessary to facilitate an efficient cleaning program, so a cleaning solution, or detergent, is blended from some of the following characteristic components: water, surface active agents inorganic alkalies inorganic and organic acid, and sequestering agents.

Water. Water is the basic ingredient of most cleaning systems as it provides the cheapest readily available transport medium for removing soils. It also has dissolving powers to remove ionic and water soluble compounds such as salts and sugars, will help emulsify fats at temperatures above their melting point, and can be used as an abrasive agent when high pressure washing. It is, however, a poor wetting agent and cannot dissolve nonionic compounds.

Surface Active Agents. Surface active agents, wetting agents or surfactants are composed of a long, nonpolar (hydrophobic or lyophilic) chain or tail and a polar (hydro-philic or lyophobic) head as illustrated in Figure 4. Surfactants may be anionic, cationic, or nonionic, depending on their ionic charge in solution. The polar end is able to penetrate into water as the ionic charges are greater in magnitude than the weaker hydrogen bonding between the water molecules. The nonpolar end is unable to easily break apart the water molecules' hydrogen bonding but can enter

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